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What is Greentech?

CED Greentech is one of the most recognizable names in Solar Distribution. CED excels at tailoring profit centers to the local market, and Greentech Profit Center Locations focus on the demand for the most popular renewable energy source: Solar. Because of the growth in this sector, CED has developed a Credit Region just for Greentech. The solar industry is ever changing, which creates a credit management environment that is just as exciting! Below are a just a few things that set Greentech credit apart from any other credit office: - Much like the industry itself, Greentech Credit is fast-paced. This requires our credit managers to educate themselves on changes in the market and forces them to adapt to the ever-changing market. - The fast-paced day-to- day makes this type of credit management attractive to anyone looking for a challenge. - Being involved with the growth of a renewable energy source is something to be proud of, and brings purpose to what we do every day. - A Credit Manager works to support sales and help customers build their businesses. In Greentech credit, we get the chance to function as a business consultant, as many customers are just getting started.  The risks are high, and so is the reward. - The new development of the Greentech Credit Region lends itself to fast tracked Credit management opportunities.


CED also offers paid internships to juniors and seniors during their college career. Our 10-12 week internship will encompass much of what is in our Credit Manager Training Program just on a shortened timeline. Our goal for our interns is to have them get a great feel for all aspects of our business, and in particular the day to day operations of the credit office and the Credit Manager. CED will provide intern candidates with extensive training and opportunity to gain valuable experience in Credit and Risk Management.

Credit Analyst Position

A Credit Analyst / Collector assists in protecting the financial assets of the company in our Credit Offices. The desired candidate will use discretion and independent judgment to investigate credit applications, resolve disputes and delinquent accounts, execute lien waivers, and assist in the application of funds received. The ideal candidate requires self- motivation and organization to work effectively with a variety of customers and the CED sales organization. The person must assimilate a broad range of information, prioritize effectively, and work successfully with minimal supervision. A minimum of 2 years direct experience in this field is required and exposure to a construction credit environment is preferred. Some college experience is desired.