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CED Credit Services

Our credit teams are responsible for balancing risk and reward and actively working alongside our Profit Center Managers and their customers to achieve financial success.

As a Credit Manager, you are empowered to manage your office on your own terms. Credit Managers partner with the Profit Center Location Managers to make credit recommendations that allow for successful business growth with our customers. The Credit Manager’s skill in managing and negotiating sound financial strategies through customer relationships results in win-win opportunities. These activities define our Credit Managers as leaders within our organization.
We are seeking candidates with a 4-year college degree in a business discipline or those interested in changing their career path. Our preferred candidates are motivated, responsible individuals looking for a customer-facing career opportunity in finance. In our program, Credit Management candidates will be exposed to the industries, customers, and markets that CED touches every day, where they will gain financial knowledge both through educational training and hands-on experience for 2-3 years.


The Credit Manager’s main focus is serving our customers and Profit Centers. Using your extensive skills in risk analysis and strategic decision making, developed during your 2-3 year training, your main goal is clear: maximize profitability and grow the business.

Phase 1 – Introduction to Credit Office Operations

Begin your career by engaging in the day-to- day process operations in an office focused and connected directly to a group of Profit Center Locations. Here you will learn how to process customer accounts, financial records, treasury functions, and respond to customer financial service needs. All while working with an experienced staff excited to share their knowledge with you.

The goal of this segment of the training is to familiarize you with the systems, processes, and policies that CED utilizes on a day-to- day basis.

Duration of Phase 1 is approximately 1 month

Phase 2 – Advanced Credit Office Operations

This will involve administering customer files, preparing them for the Credit Manager, and then reviewing with the Credit Manager on their credit decisions. Afterwards, continue with the regular processing of accounts through our system.

Phase 2 is geared towards giving you more hands-on time with the Credit Manager, where you can gain valuable experience and insight into our industry.

Duration of Phase 2 is usually 3 months.

Phase 3 – External Training

Becoming a Credit Manager at CED is about more than understanding the Credit Office. Strong employees of CED must be familiar with every aspect of our business. Here you will travel to various Profit Center Locations, learning how they operate and compete in their markets. The training will include warehouse, operations, sales, and management principles. The Credit Manager Trainee will exit this stage with the hands-on knowledge of how CED operates and competes while building relationships with other employees.

Duration of Phase 3 is approximately 1 month.

Phase 4 – Introduction to Asset Protection

Here you will learn how to protect CED’s financial assets related to accounts receivable, utilizing the various state construction lien laws when needed. You will also begin communicating with customers, addressing missed invoices and payments, while putting a plan in place with the customer to resolve financial challenges. The Credit Manager will share best practices with you as well as providing assistance as you matriculate to a more customer-facing role.

CED’s focus on this segment of the training is to teach you how to be a savvy employee of the company; making guided decisions based on customer conversations, data, facts, and current status. By the end of this segment of training, you will be comfortable and experienced in speaking and negotiating with customers, attorneys, Profit Center Location Managers, and Division Managers.

Duration of Phase 4 is approximately 6 months.

Phase 5 – Full Profit Center Responsibility

With all of the knowledge and experience you will have gained by this point, you are now ready to make calculated, independent decisions on behalf of the company. The Credit Manager is still supporting and communicating with you on a daily basis while you fine-tune your skills in credit management.

You will be assigned a number of Profit Center Locations, where you will be expected to build relationships. Through this process you will be visiting and negotiating with customers and Profit Center Managers in order to make sound balanced credit decisions for CED. You will also report your locations’ credit performance and status to your Division Manager and Regional Credit Manager.

This phase will end when you are promoted to a full Credit Manager!




Relocation may be required at the start of the training program. At the end of training, candidates will assume the role of Credit Manager at one of CED’s Division Credit offices indicated by the orange dots on the map below.


Josh Kilpatrick, Division Credit Manager, Former Trainee

Cale McClintock, Division Credit Manager, Former Trainee
- Benton Harbor, MI

“The credit training program at CED formed a strong foundation for my young career as a Credit Manager. Being able to train directly alongside an experienced Credit Manager gave me the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to take over a credit office of my own. CED’s business model allows its employees to reap the benefits of their own hard work and success through Profit Sharing. One aspect I’ve most enjoyed since becoming a Credit Manager is the opportunity I have to build relationships with customers, local managers, and other employees throughout the organization.”

Cindy Wilson Division Credit Manager
- Houston, TX
“I joined the CED family almost ten years ago. It was the single best career choice I could have made. The culture of independence was such a refreshing change from other companies. I found a place where I could thrive with like-minded employees that have a fire in the belly and the drive to be the best. I have benefited greatly from the continuing education, peer support, professional association membership and the freedom to make decisions affecting the success of my Division. My only regret is that I didn’t get here 20 years ago!”


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Upon completion of the Credit Manager Training program, you will assume your role as Division Credit Manager in one of CED’s credit offices.
Much like CED as a whole, our training program has a decentralized feel. You will be brought along in the program as your Division Credit Manager and Regional Credit Manager see fit. Your ability to excel in learning the business, forge relationships, and succeed in decision-making will determine when you advance. You will generally be in the training program for 2-3 years.

CED provides matching 401k, Health, Dental, Vision, and Profit Sharing along with other benefits. We also provide the stability of over 60 years of the same privately held leadership in your career growth

As a Credit Manager Trainee, you will have the opportunity to travel to the Profit Centers in your division to meet with managers and customers. Along with that, there may be traveling required for external training.

One of the ways that CED has grown is through acquisitions. Often, we keep the local name that is strong in the market already.

No prior electrical experience is required to be accepted into the Credit Manager Training Program. The program will provide a great deal of education about the electrical industry, that will establish the foundation for your success.

You can expect to work 8-9 hours a day, Monday-Friday, some weekend work may be required for special projects but it is rare.

CED refer to its locations as profit centers? – CED treats each of our company’s locations as a separate business called profit centers. Each location is held responsible for its own independent profits and losses. Empowered to grow and share revenues, and accountable for expenses, our profit center managers essentially run their own businesses.

The program is a full time compensated position, with great benefits!